Where to find the sources on GitHub

Source repository index on GitHub

Because the software has grown pretty large, and due to the way GitHub and our online CI services such as Travis interact, the sources for the ITS-tools are spread across quite a few repositories.

Practically all of these repositories have online CI setup, so that forking you enables you to modify the code and reproduce builds easily.

This page will reference them all in one place.

  • libDDD : core C++ library for DDD and SDD
  • libITS : core symbolic state and transition relation management. Built on top of libDDD. Repository includes its-reach.
  • ITS-CTL : CTL model checker, built on top of libITS
  • ITS-LTL : CTL model checker, built on top of libITS and Spot
  • ITSTools : main repository, currently hosting most of the eclipse functionality
  • ITS-commandline : packaging the command line wrappers to eclipse
  • ITS-Tools-pnmcc : benchmark, oracles and tests based on MCC

Most of these repositories have a small GitHub Pages, providing links to binary or executable result of builds. e.g. For project https://github.com/lip6/libDDD the page would be at https://lip6.github.io/libDDD. The Readme visible on each project’s homepage also gives a link to it.

These repositories are meant as examples or tutorials, mostly for students working with or on ITS-tools :

  • ITS-Exercise : an exercise to show symbolic encodings using DD to students. Features some examples of the Hanoi tower problem, as well as an exercise requiring to implement the core operations of a CTL symbolic model-checker.
  • ITS-Contribution : a small but stand-alone contribution to ITS-tools in Eclipse. Fork this project and edit to quickly get a plugin+feature+update site that you can test, to add new features to ITS-Tools.

For build purposes, we also have some repositories set up to build our dependencies :

For the web page itself :

  • ITSTools-web : the repository holding the page you are viewing